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About folding banquet tables

Round Folding Table


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60″ Round Folding Table

  • 60″ round 3/4″ plywood table top.
  • High gloss water resistant gloss to protect folding table.
  • Rubber edge molding protects table top from damage.
  • Folding leg system with positive lock feature ensures safe setup.
  • Designed to fold down allowing for easy storage and transportation.

Also available in 36″, 48″, 60″, 66″ & 72″ table top diameters.


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Use a round folding table for your next event

A round folding table is always in demand, as they are one of the most popular style of folding tables.  Whether you buy these tables for a party rental company or for your banquet facility, they will always be in demand.  Round banquet tables are commonly used for weddings, indoor and outdoor parties or events, or anywhere there is a sit down party.  Some customers will use these tables as part of their buffet station, beverage service, gift table, etc.  Also great for poker parties!  Round banquet tables are so versatile and easy to use, with such a wide variety of table clothes avaialble, you can make this table fit any event.

How these folding banquet tables are designed

Before you buy a round folding table, you must know they are not all the same.  These tables are designed with quality in mind, and we know it’s important for your investment to last many years and provide you with the ROI you expect.  That’s why we take pride in the banuet tables we sell!  These tables are made from high quality 3/4″ solid plywood, and then coated with a high gloss finish which not only looks great, but also protects the table top from scratches and water.  Tables are easy to clean by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth.  This is known as a folding table as the leg system is designed to easily fold inward.  The legs are made with 15 guage steel and then powder coated to ensure a nice finish and extra protection.  The plywood table top has a built in rubber molding which adds to the protection of the plywood top.  The table legs fold open with a positive locking mechanism to ensure safe operation.

When would you use a round folding table?

Round banquet tables are ideal for sit down events such as weddings, banquets, or any type of party.  These folding tables also work great as gift tables, buffet stations, appetizer tables, and more.  They can easily be decorated to fit any occasion.  Party rental companies, banquet facilities, restaurants, schools, etc all use round folding tables as they are versatile and easy to setup and break down.

How many people can fit around a 60 inch table?

8 to 10 guests will easily fit around a 60 inch table.  8 people will allow for plenty of room and create a very comfortable setting, while you can certainly seat up to 10 people around this size table.  Depending on how much space you have in your room will determine how many people you choose to seat around the tables.  It’s common to seat 10 people around a 60 inch table.

What do round folding tables look like when decorated?

Here are some pictures of people using round banquet tables.


round folding table

Banquet table decorated for Chinese New Year


round banquet table

Wedding featuring round folding tables with all white cloths


folding round

Corporate event with round folding tables and chiavari chairs


banquet table wedding

Wedding with round plywood tables decorated in all white with chair covers and bows


plywood table

Party with round tables and chiavari chairs


commercial round table

Formal dinner party with round tables.  Notice the various table clothes.


banquet folding table

Outdoor event featuring round tables


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Quality guaranteed, these tables will provide many years of service.

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