Banquet table’s come in various sizes, ranging in shape, diameter and height. There are many types of banquet table styles to choose from, each serving their own purpose. Below, we will explain the various table sizes, and how they’re used…

Use this guide for determining what banquet tables to use and how to set them up.

Table Seating Questions answered in this guide:

  • How many people fit at a round folding table?
  • How many people fit at a highboy table?
  • What size folding tables do I need?
  • What size banquet table will fit where?
  • What size table will seat 4, 6, 8, 10 people?
  • How many people will fit around a folding banquet table?

Seating guests comfortably around round banquet tables

48" round folding banquet table with plywood top


How many people can fit around a round table?

  • 36″ Seats 4 People
  • 42″ Seats 5 People
  • 48″ Seats 5 People
  • 54″ Seats 6 People
  • 60″ Seats 8 People
  • 72″ Seats 10 People



Highboy Table


How many people fit at a highboy table?

Highboy tables come in 24″, 30″ and 36″ diameter tops.

  • 24″ diameter top will accommodate 3 standing guests
  • 30″ diameter top will accommodate 4-5 standing guests
  • 36″ diameter top will accommodate 5-6 standing guests

Because highboy tables are designed for guests to stand around, it’s easy to allow multiple people to share a table, especially for cocktail parties.


rectangular folding banquet table plywood



How many guests will fit around a rectangular banquet table?

  • 4 people: 30 x 48
  • 6 people: 30 x 72
  • 8 people: 30 x 96 (place seats on each end of table and you will seat 10 people)



Frequently asked questions about banquet tables

How much space should I leave between guests?

Allow 18″ for guest from edge of table to back of chair.

Leave about 6″ to 8″ of space between each chair. This will allow the guests to sit more comfortably, and get up/down easier.

What are banquet tables made of?  

Banquet folding tables are made of either 3/4″ seamless plywood or blow molded plastic.  Both types feature a high quality durable  wish-bone collapsible leg feature.  Most tables come with a vinyl edge to prevent damage.

What are standard dimensions of a banquet table?

Most common banquet tables come in either round or rectangular dimensions. Depending on the application will depend on the type of table you’ll setup.Most banquet tables are standard height 30″ from the ground.

Highboy Tables feature an adjustable height, depending how they will be used. The most common round table is 60″ in diameter, while the most common rectangular table is 8 ft in length.


How many people can you seat around a seminar table?

  • 18 x 72: 3 people (1 side)
  • 18 x 96: 4 people (1 side)

What is the appropriate table spacing?

  • 42″ of free space between squared tables. This will allow 6″ of free space between back of chairs.
  • 60″ of free space between squared tables will allow you to create a 26″ aisle way between chair backs.
Note: California state law requires a minimum 54″ of space between tables.

If you need to seat more than 10 guests at a round folding table, consider using serpentine or seminar tables.

How tall are banquet tables?

  • Tables where guests will sit down at are all 30″ tall.
  • Cocktail tables such as highboys are 42″ tall.  These tables can be adjusted to 30″ if you prefer, as we provide both 30″ and 42″ poles with all knock down style tables.


Seating chart for 8 foot banquet tables

If space is limited, you can add additional guests at each joint between connected tables (see red dot).banquet table seating diagram

Seating chart for round banquet tables

To create a comfortable seating arrangement and make best use of space, arrange round banquet tables as shown in the diagram to the right. This will allow plenty of space for your guests, and won’t create a cramped atmosphere.


Round Banquet Table Sizes & Examples

48" round folding banquet table with plywood top
48″ round folding banquet table with plywood top

Round banquet tables are most commonly used in most any party where a sit down meal is hosted. Some events may include banquet hall events, weddings, anniversary’s, company events, etc. Round banquet tables are commonly found in banquet halls, country clubs, party rental companies, or anywhere a large round table is required, primarily for sit down meals. Sometimes these tables are setup at events for “casino night”, where they may use them for playing card games. Round banquet tables are commonly dressed with a table cloth, to make for a more elegant and presentable presentation.

All of our round banquet tables are 30″ in height (this is the industry standard sit down table height), and come in three sizes in diameter: 36″, 48″ and 60″ widths.

36″ round banquet table – this size table can seat up to 4 people comfortably. This is the perfect size table for small gatherings, or where space is limited. This table can also be used for guest check-ins, gift table, silent auctions, etc.

48″ round banquet table – this size table can seat up to 6 people comfortably. Great for gatherings where you might expect 30 guests or so, and you want a more cozy/intimate setting.

60″ round banquet table – this is the most common size banquet table for most any event. It can seat up to 8 people comfortably. Great for most large receptions, such as weddings.

rectangular folding banquet table plywood
rectangular folding banquet table plywood

Rectangular banquet tables are commonly used for seating guests in tighter environments, such as small banquet halls, backyards, inside homes, etc. They allow for several people to sit around the table, which ultimately takes up less space. The nice thing about rectangular banquet tables is that you can place end to end, creating a much longer table. Great for outdoor events or even as a temporary buffet table.

Rectangular banquet tables are available in three sizes: 4 ft, 6 ft and 8 ft lengths. They are the standard 30 inches in height.

Rectangular banquet table 4 foot – this length table is excellent for smaller gatherings where space is limited. Also ideal for use as a check-in table, or for displaying silent auctions. Some of our customers will even use them as a gift table for parties/weddings, etc.

Rectangular banquet table 6 foot – this is one of our more popular tables, as it fits most applications needed. It can be used for buffets, sit down events, auctions, buffets, check-in table, etc. Commonly used for outdoor parties, or where ever long tables are needed.

Rectangular banquet table 8 foot – this is one of the long banquet tables manufactured, and is ideal for large events where you need to seat a large party. Also great for buffets.

Highboy Table
Highboy Table

Highboy tables are also known as knockdown tables, high top tables, and even cocktail tables. We’ll refer to them as highboy tables, as that is the industry-standard name for them. The highboy tables at GRP allows for two height adjustments… 30″ height or 42″ height. When set at 30″ in height, they are ideal for a lounge setting where people will sit to enjoy a cocktail while watching a comedy act, play, etc. All highboy tables come with a 42″ pole, allowing you to set the height for whatever application you may need. This pole is free of charge, and will be included with your order!

When using the 42″ height setting, these tables are then ideal for cocktail parties, such as wedding receptions, company events, hotel or banquet hall events, etc. 42″ is considered standard standing height; you will not sit down at the table when it is set to 42″, unless of course you are using barstools. Think of cocktail hour just before a wedding reception… you will see these tables in that type of setting.

Seminar Training Table

Seminar tables are available in two lengths – 6 ft and 8 ft. They are 30″ in height, however only 18″ in width, making it a narrow table top, hence why it’s called a seminar table. Seminar tables are often used for seminars, meetings, training applications, board rooms, etc. Generally, only one side of the will seat people, due to the narrow width. Seminar tables can be arranged to fit virtually any meeting or training setting.

Generally, these tables will not be used for parties due to their narrow width.

You can learn more here about the history of a folding table.