Highboy table Linen sizing chart

Highboy tables are often covered in linen, either spandex or tablecloths. When spandex is placed over a highboy table, it gives it a unique and modern look. The great thing about this type of cocktail table is that you can get as creative as you like, depending on the type of banquet you’re setting up.

Linen Sizes

Highboy Top Diameter Linen Size Linen Length
24″ Round Top 108″ Round Hangs to floor.
30″ Round Top 120″ Round Exceeds length of table by 3″.
30″ Round Top 132″ Round Exceeds length of table by 15″. Use a chair tie around center pole to create an hourglass shape.
36″ Round Top 120″ Round Touches the floor.


Highboy tables with various linen styles and sizes

Standard spandex placed over table.

Highboy table sizing chart

30″ Highboy with 132″ tablecloth. Tied in center to create a classy hourglass shape.

Highboy table with linen

Be as creative as you like when setting up your highboy tables. By choosing different color tablecloths, you can make a very unique presentation. Consider using ribbon, bow’s and ties for even a more elegant look. Spandex can be placed over table for a modern design. Consider twisting the spandex a quarter-turn after placed on table, and this will give an even more modern look.

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