If you’re considering starting a party rental business, then you’ve come to the right place! Starting any business can be challenging, however we’ll do our best to help you be successful in your new venture by filling you in on the in’s and out’s of the event rental world.

There are several types of party rental companies; some focus only on renting bounce houses, while others specialize in large tent rentals. While there is certainly a market for bounce houses and tents, what’s the one thing almost every party needs? Banquet tables and folding chairs! Without these essential items, a party isn’t much of a party.

You’ll want to focus on stocking items that are popular, at least when starting out. Don’t over buy a bunch of items that you won’t make your return on investment on quickly. Renting tables and chairs are definitely two essential items you’ll need to start out with.

We sell thousands of banquet tables, including folding tables, serpentine tables, banquet folding chairs and round folding tables every month. However, the largest industry we sell to are party rental companies around the country.

Believe it or not, you can actually build your party rental company by solely renting folding tables and chairs. It’s best to start slow, and expand your inventory as needed. Let’s say you’re opening your business in a suburb of Los Angeles, and you have a limited budget. The first thing you’ll want to do is setup a small website, or even post ads on Craigslist to help jump start your business (this is free marketing too). You’ll want to start with a small inventory, certainly you’ll need folding tables and banquet chairs. Remember, it’s always best to have to tell customers you’re booked and out of equipment, opposed to sitting on a large investment with limited ROI.

Here is a good number of items to start with:

Rectangular folding banquet tables

6 ft folding table – 20 at $79.00 ea

Round Folding Tables with Plywood Top

36″ round folding table – 15 at $67.00 ea
48″ round folding table – 15 at $73.00 ea
60″ round folding table – 15 at $89.00 ea

Note that out of all of the tables, round folding tables with plywood tops are the most popular. Think about the last party you attended; what type of tables did they have? How about the last wedding reception; they probably had guests seated at round tables, and only a few rectangular banquet tables for the wedding party.

Folding Chairs (listed in order of popularity)

White Plastic Folding Chairs – 100 at $11.95 ea
Black Plastic Folding Chairs – 100 at $11.95 ea
White Resin Folding Chairs – 100 at $25.95 ea

If your budget is only allowing for one style of folding chair, then it would be advisable to go with the traditional white plastic folding chairs, as they are most versatile. As you grow your business, you’ll certainly want to expand into the black plastic chairs and also the white resin folding chairs. The resin chairs are most commonly used at outdoor weddings.

Highboy Tables are great for bars, cocktail parties, weddings

Round Highboy Table with plywood top 30″ – 10 at $74.95

While there are three size highboy tables to choose from, it’s advisable to just go with the 30″, and only start with 10. That way, you’ll have the middle sized table, which will allow you to more easily persuade your customers to renting the 30″ assuming they want either the smaller or larger diameter top. Again, as you grow your business, you can then grow your inventory and variety of items offered. Chances are your customers will be fine with the 30″ cocktail table.

That’s really all you need to get started, as far as inventory goes. The selection above is the most rented out items by party rental companies nationwide. The items above will also easily fit in your garage; important when you’re just starting out. The folding chairs stack 50 high, and the tables fold down and can be leaned up against one another. The highball tables knockdown to just three pieces, allowing for easy storage and transportation.

Start your new party rental company as a side business. Get a basic website going, publish a few free ads online, and you’ll soon be off to a successful start. Let your customers push you into having to order more product; don’t over buy when starting out.

Income from a party rental business can be very lucrative. A small company with an inventory such as above would rent their tables and chairs for the following prices:

Rectangular folding banquet tables 6 ft diameter – $9.95 ea

Round Folding Tables with Plywood Top – $9.95 – $12.95 ea

Folding Chairs – $1.95 – $3.95 ea

Once your equipment is paid off, every rental becomes pure profit! You’ll want to consider charging a delivery fee; this is common in the party rental business. Most delivery fees range from $20-$40 for delivery. Consider setting a mileage limit; perhaps 25 miles max from your store location.

We only sell high quality tables and chairs, to ensure that you’ll get many years (and many many rentals) out of each product. Our products are designed to last, and are built with stringent quality control measures.

Starting a party rental business is not hard at all. Once you have your basic inventory and basic marketing in place, you’ll be off to a great start! Keep it simple, and you’ll do fine.

Let us know if you have any questions, we’re glad to help.

We wish you the best of luck with your new business!